Club embraces all cultures


By Alyssa Fant

Online Editor

The Amarillo College Embr[AC]e Club is a place where students and faculty can come and share their unique cultural backgrounds with others and learn about others. This club supports diversity within the college and spreads cultural awareness in the Amarillo College community.

Isabel Arjon, a physical therapist assistant major, joined the club last year. “Embr[AC]e is a club for any multicultural students so we can learn more about their culture and let them know that we’re here for them and if they need any help they can just come to us,” she said. “We want different cultures to feel welcome at AC. We celebrate Black History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month and Lunar New Year. We sometimes feature our members on our Instagram to show what their culture is all about.”

Arjon said that before COVID started, the club would have one person of each culture come up and talk about their unique culture. They would talk about things like the dishes they prepare and how it is a part of their culture. If the club members have any problems, questions, or just want to get something off their chest, Embr[AC]e is there to listen and give them feedback, she said. 

Jamie Perez is one of the club’s sponsors. “The organization started in the spring of 2019,” he said. “Then, it started gaining some momentum in the fall of 2019. Right now we have about eight members but over 20 have said they are interested and have been in at least one meeting in the past year.” 

Perez said that since Covid started and everything went virtual engagement has been a little low but they still continue to meet and organize. The club posts on their Instagram page about meetings they hold every Monday. 

“Recently,” said Perez, “a dual credit student at Palo Duro High joined our meeting who must have gotten the meeting code and time from our Instagram account.”

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