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At the beginning of the school year, students nor teachers knew what to expect. It’s obvious though that 2020 has been a drag and the upcoming year needs to come faster. There is no doubt that last year has been difficult for a lot of students. The late policies, the extra credit, the limit of people in a room, the virtual learning, the overall pace of classes, a stressful 2020 school year any way you cut it. The show must go on however and COVID-19 can’t restrain our lives any more than it already has.

College is hard nonetheless. At first, the majority of teachers showed empathy for students, whether it was their first year or graduating year. However, some teachers graded as firmly as ever, didn’t offer extra credit, were less lenient on late policies, or kept a fast work pace with little empathy.

Regardless of college life needing to continue, some students had rougher COVID-19 experiences than others. Extra shifts at work to cover bills, quarantining, varying reactions to the virus, losing family members too soon, and the stress of not knowing what’s in store for upcoming semesters
added to the fog.

Virtual classes had so much potential, but college kids are mentally drained. Teachers seem just as tired. So much work has been placed in their laps in order to adjust to the pandemic. Making their in-person classes hybrid, not being able to gather for lectures, managing Zoom and in-person meetings all add to the increased challenge.

Teachers deserve some empathy and patience as well. They have a personal life too. Teachers have always been more than just teachers, and quite frankly don’t get paid enough for the levels of stress they deal with.

The truth is, everyone is physically and mentally drained. It’s almost over though and a new year awaits. With the little amount of time left in the year, take a look around and have more compassion for others. Be kind to one another because you don’t know what’s happening behind the scenes. Be patient and have empathy. Wear a mask, social distance, don’t hoard at the grocery store, take care of quarantined friends, call a family member or friend. Be good to one another, it’s a small thing that can mean everything.

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