Coronavirus leaves students stressed, struggling

Illustration by DANIAR ONOS


Staff Reporter

Of the many things that students juggle in a regular semester, the addition of COVID-19 has changed the day-to-day life on campus. Students are now required to learn and work, all while in the midst of living through a pandemic.

“Since our in-class time is reduced, the professors do not have enough time to even overview as much as they used to,” Leslie Martinez, a general studies major, said.

Martinez also said that it’s easy to get distracted by having to do so much school work, especially from home. With being on campus less, it’s also hard to feel excited about school since she can’t be as involved due to new regulations brought upon by COVID-19.

“The school just feels so empty now,” Martinez said. While dealing with split and online classes has been a nightmare for some, there are other students who enjoy and actually prefer this new norm.

“COVID hasn’t really affected me when it comes to learning,” said Juan Luis Aguilar, an engineering major. “I learn just fine, and I even enjoy wearing my mask to school because I get to hide my face.”

Sarabeth Rangel, an art major, said that something she has been struggling with the most this semester is finding out what things to prioritize over others.

“Right now, a lot of my focus is directed toward finding a new job so that I can continue making money to support myself and my family,” Rangel said. “Dealing with school and work life is hard because sometimes you’re focused on surviving instead of your education.”

Rangel also said that it’s hard to find time for anything when she focuses on her job.

“To deal with school and work, I balance out my school work throughout the week and complete little-by-little each day,” Victo-ria Millirans, a child development major, said.

Millirans also said that this semester is something new for everyone, so she feels it’s okay and expected to feel a little lost and a bit stressed out this semester.

“One thing I would say to struggling students is, to be honest with yourself,” Rangel said. “Ask for help when you need it. Don’t be afraid to tell people what you’re going through because, at the end of the day, everyone is dealing with things.”

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