Dancing with COVID

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I am a COVID-19 survivor. I caught the virus over the summer while dancing at a local club. That night everyone over the age of 18 was disregarding the recommendations from the government to stay home, self-quarantine, and maintain six feet of social distancing. That all went in one ear and out the other for about 50 college students that fateful night.

It was one of the last nights that the club was going to be open before the state shut everything down. By 11 p.m., there was a line out the door.

Since I was under the influence and my judgment was impaired, I had forgotten that there was a deadly virus going around. I was dancing, singing, and sweating talking loudly to people around me over the noise. A banger came on the speakers and I locked eyes with a girl, a friend of mine that I had bumped into at the bar quite frequently. We started dancing together and the next thing you know, we were making out on the dance floor.

About a week later, she texted me saying she had to get a COVID-19 test for work and she was positive. I had been feeling weird and was already paranoid about having it, but she confirmed my fears. I went and got tested with my brother who was with me that night. Tests came back for both of us and my brother lucked out. He was negative. I was the winner with the positive test.

I was locked in my bedroom for 14 days. The symptoms were the worst during the first five days. I slept a lot, watched so many movies, and played way too much Call of Duty. My only interaction with the outside world was a knock at the door, which meant there was food for me left on a stool outside in the hallway.

When I finally recovered, I went and got retested, and came back negative. I was so relieved that I could finally get out, get some sun on my skin, and see my friends again.

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