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Monday, Oct. 5, is the last day to register to vote in the upcoming presidential election.

Each time voting takes place there is a new group of teens who haven’t been registered to vote and that’s because a lot of times students don’t know where or how to register. Amarillo College students can register right on campus.

“AC students can register to vote down in the Burrow right below the bookstore. Amber Hamilton has a crew there that can help students register,” Aaron Faver, a social sciences professor, said. 

 After registering, it’s time to go to the polls, but if for some reason students can’t or won’t be able to vote in person, they will need an absentee ballot so they can still vote. 

“You will need to request it and depending on what county you’re in determines the kinds of rules that apply, but if you don’t go and put in a request then they won’t know to give it to you,” Faver said. 

 Faver said that this year voting is really being pushed like never before and with COVID there have been restriction on the places where people can get registered, but there are good resources on campus that can point students in the right direction and get them started. 

 There are some students on campus who have been on top of things. They’re already registered to vote and will be voting during this presidential election. 

“We have the power in our hands to change things that we don’t like by voting. It blows my mind that people will play the Xbox or be on social media for hours upon hours but won’t take 30 minutes to an hour to go vote or at least register to vote. Be the change you want to be,” Sewar Ali, a biology major, said. 

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