The superior Spider-Man spins a web for PS4

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By Kaden Bryant, Staff Reporter

There are many great superhero video games out there like the “Batman Arkham” series, the “Injustice” series, but at the top of the list stands Marvel’s “Spider-Man” for the PS4. Spider-Man was and is still to this day a public icon who shook up the pages of comic books, movies and the people he inspired. The people of Insomniac Games are no exception. In June 2016, Insomniac Games announced that they, Marvel and Sony would produce a game worth playing. After two long years of waiting, on Sept. 7, 2018, Marvel’s “Spider-Man,” the best Spider-Man game to date, was unleashed to the world. And now, even two years later, that claim still holds up.

You start out with a 23-year-old Peter Parker, who is a little past due on his rent. He is woken up by his police scanner talking about a firefight at Fisk Tower. Spider-Man swings into the unrestricted open world of New York City. You confront Wilson Fisk, “The Kingpin” of crime, himself. After thwarting Fisk’s escape and putting him behind bars, the crime rate skyrockets as all thugs, villains and other crime bosses fight for the title of “The Kingpin.” And then things get wild. The overall story is amazing and compelling and after you complete certain objectives you will earn new Spider-Man suits inspired by comics and other pop culture mediums that Spider-Man has walked upon. As of now there are 42 suits including the Sam Raimi Spider-Man suit, which for people who grew up on those movies is a huge plus.

One reason Marvel’s “Spider-Man” is the best Spider-Man game, is the attention to details and hidden references that lie within the game. For example, while web-swinging, Spider-Man’s dialogue is stressed from the physical tension he is enduring, and when he is at rest his voice is more relaxed. This is a small detail but it makes for a more immersive experience. There are many Easter eggs within the game such as a plaque that reads, “Nelson and Murdock Attorneys at Law,” which is a nod to Franklin Nelson and Matt Murdock – Murdock being Daredevil in the Marvel Comics universe. There is a clock at a church that has the time permanently displayed as 1:21, a reference to “The Amazing Spider-Man issue 121” where Gwen Stacy tragically dies at the hands of Spider-Man’s greatest foe, the Green Goblin. The stained glass windows of that church bear similar colors to Gwen Stacy’s clothing in that issue, green, purple and beige. The New York sanctum is shown in the game and is the headquarters of a certain Stephen Strange, sorcerer supreme. In Marvel Comics, when Spider-Man takes a photo of that building he says that he thinks something ‘strange’ is going on in there. 

Another reason that Marvel’s “Spider-Man” is the best Spider-Man game of all time is the feeling of nostalgia you get from playing “Spider-Man 2” released back in 2004. Both games have amazing web swinging physics, storyline, the same main villain, the on again off again relationship with Mary Jane Watson and the fighting styles are extremely similar. 

“Marvel’s Spider-Man” is a great game for anyone who likes superheroes, free roam worlds and plenty of action. My rating for this game is five out of five stars. Also this game was so good it is going to get a sequel. A date has not been set yet but it has been announced that they are working on the sequel.

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