Reboot does not charm audience


By Johnny Lawhon, Staff Reporter

Being a die-hard fan of the original series Charmed that first aired in 1998, I found it hard to believe that a reboot of the show was coming out in 2018. I thought it would be hard to beat the original series.

After some hesitation, I decided to watch the first two seasons of the reboot and I’m not really impressed. I’m the type of person who really gets into the plots, and I tend to develop an emotional connection to the characters of the shows I watch.

The original Charmed is a show that I have watched over and over again, and despite already having two seasons, I’m really not feeling that same strong, emotional connection to the reboot yet. 

One of the issues I see in the reboot is that they have kept the storyline similar to the original series. When it comes to a hit show like the original Charmed it makes it really hard to have a hit like that again. With a reboot, the writers need to get very creative if they want to have high ratings.

Both the original and the new series have the same premise which is a good thing. Three sisters are witches in which they constitute the power of three, a very powerful trifecta of witches. I find keeping that part the same to be a good thing.

But the fact that, in both versions of the show, one of the sisters is a half sister born out of wedlock and that the sisters have an absent father leads me to wonder if that is criteria the writers want the sisters to have in order to be “charmed,” or if these similarities are due to a lack of imagination with the writers on the reboot.

The original series left me feeling spellbound, but the reboot has left me feeling less than charmed. 

Moreover, to this day there is still a strong following of the original Charmed TV show, and after I have watched the first two seasons of the new series it leaves me with doubts that this show will have a strong fan base like the original.

I do think the reboot has a decent storyline, but I still find the script to be a bit lacking, especially with a lot of corny lines. And I feel like the producers are trying to distract viewers from the mediocre writing by adding in special effects. The reboot does have a satisfactory plot, although I felt things were a bit too fast paced and a bit forced in season two. Trying to fit too much material into one season can leave the viewers a bit dumbfounded, and may leave them asking themselves, “What did I just watch?”

All and all, I do not believe that there will ever be a show like the original Charmed series. That show is something I still hold close to my heart, and I still find myself going back and watching the old episodes.

As for the reboot, I may watch the third season just to see if there might be a possibility of it getting better, and to see if I can find that emotional connection that myself and others look for in television shows.

If the writers don’t get more creative in the next season though, I really don’t see it making it past season fourth. The original series left me feeling spellbound, but the reboot has left me feeling less than charmed. 

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