Quarantine turning hair don’ts into hairdos

Photo by Jessika Fulton


By Jessika Fulton, Staff Reporter

Zoom class in 30 minutes? Might want to stay in bed, your hair is looking like a mess.

Your hippie length hair and overgrown roots are outdated. Just throw a cap on or leave your camera off and call it a day.

Recently Pinterest reported that searches for “home haircut” went up by 417 percent and “how to strip hair color naturally” by 156 percent.

Want to cut or dye it on your own? Good luck, seriously. Brad Mondo may not approve of this one.

I personally have fallen victim to the hair crisis trend by practically cutting and dying my own hair in the backyard. Not 100 percent of my results have been even or close to perfection.

While these times may present unprecedented challenges, it is ok to play with the color or style of your hairdo. Just make sure you do the proper research of materials or techniques when having bleach or scissors near your face.

You’re not alone when it comes to wanting to fix your undoubtable hair crisis, it’s had a heavy presence on social media. You can’t scroll through Tik Tok without every other video being someone cutting bangs that reach the stars or have a beautiful ombre look.

However, YouTube has a huge population of influencers who offer tutorials or reactions to failed ‘do it yourself’ videos. Kristen Leanne, Brad Mondo and Guy Tang are some of the most talented, and beautiful, people to watch when it comes to messing with your hair.

Grab a snack, tune into YouTube and follow the tutorial step by step. If you do everything correctly, then you’ll have a stylish new look. But beware, winging it or skipping certain steps will lead to mess ups, then you’ll look like the grinch after his daily trash bath.

Trust me, watching Guy Tang get rid of green tint on blonde hair, truly helped me out. I was able to achieve the perfect bleach blonde look. I don’t fully pull it off but I can say I don’t look like Garfield or the grass he sits on.

So whether you’re clipping, bleaching or having a Brittney Spears moment, make sure you use the right precautions and tools before going all in on your scalp. No one wants a patchy the pirate hairdo.

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