Dealing with these trying times

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By Kaden Bryant, Staff Reporter

The COVID-19 outbreak has left us dealing with trying times. I think that most people would agree with that statement. Some of you have lost jobs, homes and loved ones. 

But I do believe that we can get past this, and hopefully sooner rather than later. Nevertheless, times’ arrow neither stands still nor reverses. It merely marches forward.

Nothing too serious has changed in my life. Classes are different, work is slow and I get to wear more pajamas. That’s. About. It. But to say that nothing has changed would be a lie.

I was really looking forward to seeing all of the new summer movies that would have been released this year, but now that’s gone, stripped away from me before I could ever grasp it.

Instead, the only thing I have watched most recently that has left an impact on me is the Netflix series “The Tiger King.” After finishing it I am now 100 percent positive that Carole Baskin killed her husband and the entire Hillsborough sheriff department has no idea what they’re doing.

Summer vacations have become the thing of make-believe. I will be 20 this May and had planned some road trips with friends without the overbearing protection of our parents. 

We were going to go camping in the crisp mountains of Colorado, but now we get to breathe in the stale air of Amarillo, Texas, for the time being.

A few friends and I had planned to move out of our respective parents’ houses and all rent a house together. That is still happening but now we need to save more than we expected because some of us have fewer work hours now.

This stay-at-home order hasn’t affected my hours just yet, because along with being an employee of The Shirt Factory, I am also employed by LKCPA, which stands for Lloyd Kruckeberg Certified Public Accountant, and Aqua Calm, a small, dying-but-still-has-a-pulse, fish store.

Calling me ‘essential’ is a little humorous given that never in my life have I been deemed essential, especially at work, but I’m still working.

I hope things get better in the foreseeable future, but for now, all we can do. Is keep. Marching. Forward.

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