Bowie Review Part Two

By Isabelle Link/Staff reporter

The last two songs off the album “Is It Any Wonder?” by David Bowie finally released after the six-week period. “Nuts” was released Feb. 7 and “The Man That Sold the World (Eno ‘Live’ Mix)” was released Feb. 14.

“The Man Who Sold the World” was a wonderful way to round off the unheard album, and with a special twist. The original song reminds me of a tune a genie may have with the bubbles and wavy vocals and old-fashioned Indian music, while the new, previously unheard version sounds more upbeat with vocals that are steadier. And while this version still keeps with the Indian sound, the tempo of the song is a bit slower. This newer version is more of what you would expect to hear from Bowie.

The song “Nuts” is something completely new to the public and has the same flare as “The Man Who Sold the World,” but is more intense.

“Nuts” sounds like something that would have come out of a 90s club in the gothic part of town. The beginning is strong and starts off immediately into the tempo before stopping suddenly, as if you hit pause. Then the song carries on with undertones of Bowie’s known style, though with the over tone of something a little more out of his league, but not uncommon.

If you didn’t know better, you may think that “Nuts” was written during Bowie’s heavy cocaine spree, but this song was recorded about 20 years after with Reeves Gabrels on guitar and Mark Plati helping produce.

“Nuts” has a heavy old school electronic feel to it. Of all the songs on this album, I can tell this song would be the craziest on headphones. The background beat is something Eno would make, with Bowie occasionally yelling “nuts” throughout. And while there are normal vocals, they sound flushed out more behind the beats and act more like back up vocals to the song.

This release of “Is It Any Wonder?” by Bowie is a reminder to fans all over how lucky we were to have been able to experience his musical abilities. This album also reminded us of the help Bowie had from so many other amazing artists through his career. Bowie truly was one of a kind to everyone and was a huge influence to music.

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