Botanical Gardens lights up Amarillo

Botanical Gardens

By Isabelle Link/ Staff Reporter


Amarillo Botanical Gardens have more than 300,000 lights strung up around their gardens, including the rose walks outside to the indoor oasis for ‘Christmas in the Gardens.’ 

The light show is impossible to miss as you drive up to it from any road along MediPark. A beautiful array of multicolor string lights and decorations flood the night sky with the definition of what Christmas looks like.

Upon entering the venue, you are greeted with smiling faces dressed up for the holidays and hot cocoa and coffee are available. 

It’s not Christmas without a meet-and-greet with Santa himself, or if you want to mail your wish list instead, the Gardens offers a mailbox that will be mailed to Santa after his time at the Gardens is up.

All outside, the lights offer different themes and colors, the Butterfly Garden features a steel arch with lights strung around it that open up to a walkway that leads you around the path directly to Santa. 

Then changing over to a Japanese style display at the Dusty McGuire Gardens, the wooden pathway is lined with paper lanterns and little sitting areas to be able to hang out to watch the lanterns dance in the wind and listen to the peaceful sounds of the waterfall. 

Following the path up at Bev’s garden is Santa projected on the wall “conducting” an orchestra, with traditional music playing through the speakers. It really does feel like Santa is creating the music himself.

Ranging from a beautiful tunnel of lights, statues dressed as Santa and a skillfully-placed Nativity scene featuring an angel and the northern star, the Botanical Gardens covers every possible way someone can celebrate Christmas. While the outside is jaw-dropping, the inside is equally beautiful, despite the lack of space they have in comparison to outside. 

The oasis has a blooming green path that leads you through a warm light show, reaching the bottom of the path, the guests are greeted with a waterfall and some ducks in the pond below.

The Botanical Gardens went all-out on their display. It is obvious that they really enjoy bringing this to the community and that they put in a lot of work to get it done. 

I would recommend going and supporting the work these people did, because it does not look like it was easy to create this amazing display. For the price of a cup of coffee you can support local business and enjoy the lights on display.

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