Semester ends, break approaches


By Erica Chavez & Dannter Labrador / Staff Reporter

The semester is coming to an end and students are getting ready for a break. At the end of every semester there is always the stress of finals and grades. 

Luis Gonzales, a forensic science major said he has ways to deal with the pressure. “When I feel stressed I usually play video games and listen to music. Taking a couple of naps every now and then helps a lot too,” he said.

Procrastinating is also an end-of-the semester issue. “I procrastinate too much,” Gonzales said. “I am actually procrastinating right now. I should be studying for my finals but I usually do well under pressure. When I feel like I am losing motivation or feel really bad about a class, I’ll call my mom and she’ll just make me feel so much better,” he said.

Felix Rodriguez, a music education major said his favorite method of stress relief is shopping. “To cope with stress I usually end up spending a lot of money, which isn’t a good thing but I got a lot of good black Friday deals, but besides spending money I’ll go into some practice room and play the clarinet till I feel better. Cooking is also something I like to do when I feel like my world is going to crazy and cooking just makes it go away for a while,” he said. Rodriguez added, “During finals I study as much as possible if I feel motivated enough, and if I don’t feel motivation whatsoever then I’ll go hang out with some friends.” 

The payoff for all the stress and hard work is winter vacation and many students said they are looking forward to the holiday. “For Christmas, I usually have some friends over and when it’s time to open presents we’ll all get together in the living room and just enjoy each other’s company,” Derian Chaparro, a biology major, said. “For New Years, I’ll either hang out with friends or go to a family party and pop fireworks.”

“I plan on focusing on my job during the break,” Milagros Trujillo, a pre-med major, said. “If I’m not a school. I am at work so with the break I plan on getting as many hours in as possible.”

The AC Student Government Association will celebrate the end of the semester with a lock-in end-of-the-year party at Mr. Gatti’s from 10 p.m. to midnight Dec. 13.

Admission is free for students with an AC ID and will include unlimited access to free pizza and free games and guests are welcome to attend for $10 per person. 

“All events the Student Government Association tries to do are always geared toward helping out students and creating a better college experience for them,” Hector Casanova, a business administration major and Student Government president, said. 

“The end of year party is purely entertainment. We just want to get as many students there if possible. It’s going to be a really great event,” he said. 

Amarillo College’s winter break begins Dec. 21 and the college will be closed until Jan. 6. Spring semester classes begin Jan. 21.

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