C’s get degrees: straying away from mediocore mindsets


Claudia Zuniga/ Staff Columnist


As students are ending the semester and getting ready for the new decade, many are reflecting on their decisions and accomplishments so far. 

When reflecting over my college career and talking to other college students, there is a noticeable trend in the attitude toward school as the years go on. 

The phrase “C’s get degrees” is one that I have been hearing since the beginning of college, however I never applied that toward myself until about a year and a half into my college career. 

The excitement of going into college wears off, and soon students notice their GPA dropping.

Comparing the year I started college in 2017 versus now, I am working 40 more hours a month, I have new loans and credit card bills and I am now moved out of my mother’s house and paying rent. This is normal of community college students.

Larnce Hicks, a physical therapy assistant major, said he discovered too late that college grades matter. “I got my bachelor’s at WT and I grew more and more frustrated with the whole system,” Hicks said. “I did pretty well in school but when I decided that I wanted to pursue a different career path and go back to school, I realized that I was going to have to retake some classes to get into my program because I needed a higher GPA,” he said.  

Although “C’s get degrees,” they can still affect you in the future. The future is not guaranteed, and the path that you set in front of you may not be the one you end up taking. Keeping positive relationships with friends, family, classmates and professors will also help encourage students to succeed. 

Students need to set themselves up to succeed and not settle for less than the best they give. Going into my next semester I am committing myself to striving towards my best and changing the way I look at school and the way I manage myself, even if not an A, a B will be for the better.

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