Students compete, bond in Club Clash

club clash

By MEGHAN HOLLAND, Staff Reporter |

Club Clash offers an excuse to eat spicy wings, throw dodgeballs at friends, explore campus or even test your brain. The annual student organization competition, which was hosted by Beta Eta Phi Theta Kappa, took place April 16 and 17 at Amarillo College’s Washington Street Campus. It provided an opportunity for students to make new friends and have fun.

Seven student clubs signed up to compete against each other in various activities, such as an eating contest, academic bowl, dodgeball, nerf gun war, tug-o-war and a scavenger hunt, said Sami Landers, new student programs coordinator and co-adviser of PTK. 

Club Clash is intended to promote friendly competition between the clubs to bring them together and unity amongst them, she said.

The event was organized by Karalee Tiller, vice president of leadership in PTK and a computer science major. Most of the games were arranged into brackets so that clubs could compete with one another on an individual level and then advance onto the next round. The clubs competed for a trophy that stays down in Student Life.

“Club Clash is amazing. It is some healthy competition,” Tiller said.

One student who signed up for several events, Jimmy Ray Nye III, vice president of fellowship in PTK and a psychology major, said he believes that Club Clash is beneficial because it engages different clubs through friendly competition and encourages bonding and the building of friendships. 

“On-campus involvement is a crucial key to success, not just in the classroom or the workplace, but in social settings as well,” Nye said.

“It helps you break out of your shell, increase your emotional intelligence and most importantly, it helps you grow as a person,” he said.

Nye said he encourages other students to get more involved on campus. He said that there is no need to be nervous because you get to meet new people, have a good time and step out of your comfort zone.

To learn more about Student Life and the AC activities calendar, visit or visit Student Life down in the Burrow in the College Union Building basement on the Washington Street Campus.

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