101 Reasons Week; encouraging youth to vote

101 Reasons Week

By JEREMY STITSWORTH, Staff Reporter |

Amarillo College is hosting a week-long event from March 25 – 29 called 101 Reasons Week. The event is meant to drive students to become more socially aware and active in their communities. Each day will have a different theme associated with it, for instance Tuesday was Engage an Issue Day where students gathered to play games and learn more about the issues found in communities around the city of Amarillo. Issues such as poverty, education, foster care and many others are featured at the event.

Aaron Faver, a social science professor and event coordinator, said that he hopes to not only bring in the older age group but also young students to get involved. “We really need to have students get involved because this is their world and they will be the ones to make the changes in the future, they have the power,” he said. Faver also mentioned that the event will be having a voter registration drive to give students the opportunity to get registered for many important elections and city proposals such as the upcoming Master Plan proposal.

Angela Badillo, a social work major, said that she thinks it’s great to see something like this and that it is very much needed these days. “I am actually studying to be a social worker one day and just to have a chance to make an impact on someone is really special to me. Helping families, the needy, kids, I just think it’s good to help people and this is a way to make them see what is going on around them,” she said.

Kevin Kite, an art major, said it was a good idea to have a voter registration drive at the school. “The way I see it now nobody has an excuse not to vote. I have kids and I am always telling them that they will be the ones to make the rules one day and this is exactly what I mean,” he said.

The voter registration drive will be held on Thursday, March 28th from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. out in the Oeschger Family Mall in front of the Ware Building and Palace Coffee and the week will wrap up with guest speaker, Dave Kelly, from noon to 2 p.m. in the Oak Room.

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