Pets give unconditional love


By MEGHAN HOLLAND, Staff Reporter |

Many animals have an unbreakable bond with their owners. Some people like to celebrate holidays with their pets, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. 

“I am going to adopt a pet today,” Lindsey Spruell, a social work major, said. She has had two dogs in the past, but they have died, and she said she feels like it’s time to get another dog. “I’m planning on getting a husky. I’ve already been to the shelter, and I got to meet the dog. I saw her personality and how she was around me, so I knew she was going to be mine,” Spruell said.

Spruell loves to spoil her pets. “I treat it like a human. I feel like it’s family,” she said. When Spruell and a friend went to Palo Duro Canyon to go hiking, they took one of her dogs with her. Instead of putting the dog in the back, Spruell said she made her friend go to the backseat so her dog could sit in the front seat with her. 

She said she plans on buying her new husky a toy and taking her to the Canyon for Valentine’s Day. “It’s good for a dog, it’s good for me and it’s a good bonding experience.” 

Spreull said that animals help you with your emotions and that you can rely on them. “Just to have my dog near me calms me down. I personally am not really good at emotionally bonding with people, so for me, it’s more of bond with pets,” she said.

Sometimes the bond between a human and a pet can be unexpected. “My bond with my dogs is something I honestly never imagined it would be,” Cecilia Rizcallah, a dental hygiene major, said. Dogs really are a woman’s best friend.” Rizcallah said she loves hanging out with her dogs, and she said they are like her children. “I buy my dogs gifts for everything. I buy more stuff for them than I buy for my boyfriend,” Rizcallah said.

Patrick Houseal, a general studies major, has one cat, one dog, one fish and eight llamas. Although his family does not do anything for Valentine’s Day with their pets, Houseal said that they celebrate major holidays and special days with them, such as Christmas and their birthdays. Houseal said that he has a really good connection with animals.

“Usually at parties or if I am invited somewhere, I either talk to the parents and adults or the animals. It is kind of hard to ignore them,” Houseal said.

Valentine’s Day is about being with loved ones and showing appreciation, and that would include showing love to pets. 

Many animals have an unconditional love for their owners, and Valentine’s Day is a great time to spoil those furry (or scaly) friends. 

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