Students seek financially beneficial relationships


By JEREMY STITSWORTH, Staff Reporter | is a sugar daddy and sugar baby website where men and women seek out partners for profit. The money-making approach has become increasingly popular across the nation and even at Amarillo College.

“We have a special program catered just to college students,” said Jennifer, a press consultant from The program called Sugar Baby University currently has more than 3 million registered students and continues to attract more, she said. “Each month our sugar babies in successful arrangements receive around $2,800 in gifts or allowances from a sugar daddy or sugar mama to assist them,” Jennifer said.

One successful sugar baby using is an Amarillo College dental hygiene major who asked to be referred to as Sarah. Sarah said she turned to because her parents couldn’t help her pay tuition anymore. “Clients pay straight cash or just deposit money into my checking account,” she said, adding that she charges $500 for dates, but her services can go up to $1,500.

A former sugar daddy, who asked to be referred to as Ray, said that sugar baby arrangements can get costly after a while – and in more ways than one. “Eventually, you develop a connection with the other person and it really hurts to know that they really only want you for your money,” he said.

Sir Garen Grayson, a mass media major, has had experiences with older women and flirting for profit. “There’s a big market for this and lots of different favors they ask for. Things like pictures, just talking to them or even going out with them,” he said. “Sometimes people ask for really weird or sexual things, but I don’t really get involved with them,” Grayson said.

“Our members are all background checked and verified so everyone you meet is who they say they are,” Jennifer said. “ also encourages sugar babies who have a bad experience to contact us so we can take proper action against the member that mistreated them or made them feel uncomfortable.”

Jennifer added that just because someone has a lot of money or is extremely successful doesn’t mean they can degrade or exploit someone who is not as well off as themselves.

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