Learning to heal fast; workshops teach students how to minimize stress


By MARISSA RIVERA, Staff Reporter |

With the Feel Better Fast workshop, the Amarillo College Counseling Center staff plans to help struggling students take care of themselves and minimize stress in their lives during the new year.

The workshop is open every Tuesday at 4 p.m. in the Louise Daniels Room in the College Union Building (CUB).

Lindsey Eggleston, the Counseling Center coordinator, said that every week has a different topic. Some of the topics include how to get better sleep, using relaxation techniques to manage stress, establishing healthier thinking patterns and the importance of lifestyle factors on mental health.

“My hope is that students who attend will walk away with practical tips they can start doing right away to take better care of themselves,” Eggleston said. “Students can join at any time and can attend as many times as they would like.”

Megan Dingis, a nursing major, said she who believes in the importance of mental health, adding that mindfulness is a great way to improve your psychological well-being. She said this is especially true if you are feeling overwhelmed.

“You can look into mindfulness and sort through your thoughts. It helps to unclutter your mind,” Dingis said.

Considering using the services at AC herself, Elizabeth Hite, an education major, said she has seen that many people appreciate the Counseling Center’s help.

“Whether some are going through a divorce with their spouse or if their kids are having trouble and they don’t know how to handle it, I think they really appreciate a free place to go to and talk to,” Hite said.

If students do not want to visit the Feel Better Fast workshop, then they can visit the AC Counseling Center  free one-one counseling sessions.

Eggleston said that the Counseling Center also provides a free online self-help through a program called Therapy Assistance Online (TAO). Eggleston also said that the online self-help modules through TAO are free and unlimited for students and college employees.

“TAO also includes a mindfulness library to practice relaxation techniques and deep breathing which are great tools for monitoring stress/anxiety,” Eggleston said.

She explained that the program is confidential and accessible from any computer by going to www.thepath.taoconnect.org and entering your AC email address to sign up for self-help.

“We are proud to offer a variety of ways for students to work on their own mental health so that they can do their best in their academics,” Eggleston said.

Illustration by Katie Milburn

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