Administration advises students to stay safe during winter weather


By STEVEN OSBURN, Staff Reporter |

Just because Christmas is over does not mean that winter is. Panhandle weather is difficult to predict, and a snowstorm could show up on the sunniest of days. Amarillo College has multiple systems in place to warn students about bad weather, and professors and administrators said that students should judge the situation as they see fit.

“West Texas weather is always very unpredictable,” said Wes Condray-Wright, director of communications and marketing. “We follow AISD’s lead, so if they’re closed, we’re closed,” he said. Condray-Wright also said that the AC Alert system, social media and most local news outlets can be useful in a student’s decision to travel to campus. “Use your best judgment,” he said. “We don’t want you getting out on the roads if it is terrible out there.”

If the weather is bad enough to cause the college to close, campus officials will tell students via the AC Alert system and social media.

“If the conditions are not good, I cancel my classes because I have students from so far,” said Dr. Asanga Ranasinghe, a chemistry professor, adding that he still expects students to turn their homework in on time online.

Students at AC have their own views on the weather. “If it was really bad I wouldn’t come to school at all,” Gloria Juarez, an art major, said. “I don’t like the cold weather.”

Other students said they dislike missing classes. “I’d probably still go to class or double-check,” Cayley Reeves, a chemistry major said.  

In the end, Condray-Wright said, it is up to students to decide whether to travel to campus in bad weather.  Grades are important, but not so important that one should risk their life for, he said. Also, as Ranasinghe noted, Blackboard allows students to turn in online work, so a snow day might not be as fun as it was in elementary school.

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