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transfer fair

By Carolina Barba, Staff Reporter |

Amarillo College will hold a Transfer Fair Feb. 5 in the Ware Student Commons from 9 a.m. through 1 p.m. This is an event for students to get information about transferring to their desired university.

“This gives you the opportunity to hear what we’ve told you and what we’ve shown you, and then you go and you get to confirm that with someone that works in that institution,” Ruth De Anda, an advising associate, said. “It’s also an opportunity to think of schools you may not have thought of.”

The full list of the universities that will be there is still being confirmed, but West Texas A&M and Texas Tech are a few of the universities that will attend the transfer fair. Other possibilities include Wayland Baptist, Lubbock Christian, Oklahoma State, Eastern New Mexico, UT Arlington, and University of North Texas who have attended similar transfer fairs in the past.

“I will be attending the transfer fair, because there’s nothing wrong with getting more information and the fair will definitely help out with that,” Trey Jackson, a criminal justice major, said. “The fair will make transferring just that much easier because they know the ins and outs of transferring and are there to make it as easy and smooth as possible.”

Transfer fairs have helped AC graduates to continue their educations at a university, Alejandra Patino, an AC graduate, said.

“I attended a transfer fair last year. It was very helpful because it was a lot of useful information. I got to learn about the requirements and deadlines that are important to make a transfer,” Patino said.

The transfer fair is not the only way of getting information for transferring. There are other things students should do before they are ready to transfer.

“The biggest thing that you are going to want to do is communicate to us what your plan is,” De Anda, said. “Communication is just the key.”

If students do not communicate with their advisers about their plans, or if they have no plans, they will not know what they can change in their AC degree plan. “Everything you are taking in the associate degree is intended to transfer,” De Anda, said.

Other opportunities similar to the transfer fair take place at AC. WT now comes every Monday and Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the Advising Center to help students and answer questions. Other universities show up occasionally as well. Students are informed through email about these events.

“Stop by and ask some question,” De Anda said.

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