Intramurals offer fitness, friendship and fun


By Rafael Flores, Staff Reporter |

The Amarillo College intramural program is kicking off spring semester with a wide variety of sports events and activities, including several new opportunities for fitness and fun. The program offers daily activities, competitive leagues, special events and one-day tournaments.

Intramural games and events are free and open to all students, according to Trent Oneal, intramural coordinator.

“They are fun and you get to hang out with friends and meet new people. Secondly it’s a great way to get some exercise,”  Oneal said. 

The daily events range from dodgeball on Mondays, basketball on Wednesdays, volleyball on Tuesdays and Thursdays and yoga sessions that will replace dodgeball on the dates of Feb. 4 and April 8. These activities will be held in the Carter Fitness Center at 1:30 p.m. each day. 

 The competitive leagues consist of 5v5-basketball and softball. Basketball games will take place from Jan. 31 to March 7 in the CFC. Each member of the winning team will receive a $250 scholarship. Softball will be held from March 19 through April 23 at John Stiff Park.

Special events include “penalty kick” soccer that will take place at the clock tower on Feb. 6. In March, the college will hold a series of miniature competitions such as a two day March Madness bracket tournament and a game of cops and robbers. Viewing parties with snacks and beverages provided will be held in the Burrow March 6 and 8 during the annual Final Four NCAA Basketball March Madness tournament. Last semester’s Gotcha Tag will return March 24 and lastly the one-day tournaments of soccer and beach volleyball will round out the end of the second eight weeks of the semester on April 30 and May 2 respectively. 

Any AC student can sign up for daily activities and participate in them on the spot; however, to join the competitive leagues or one-day tournaments, students must sign up on or their mobile app, available through the App Store and Google Play.  

Studies show that in addition to social and physical benefits, intramural sports help students excel in their classes.  One study conducted by Grand Valley State, found that involvement in intramural activities or exercise can decrease depression and influence better study habits; thus, increasing chances of overall academic success. 

“It’s kind of inspirational,” Payton Muir, an education major, said, adding, “You want to do well athletically and look good academically.” 

Students can stay up-to-date on the latest in intramural activities through their student email or by friending Amarillo College Intramurals on Facebook. 

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