Characters added to horror video game

By MARISSA RIVERA, Staff Reporter ¦

Still going strong in the Fall of 2018, “Dead by Daylight” is a strategic horror game, available on PC, PS4 and Xbox. I would highly recommend this growing game.

This September, the developers released a new killer and a survivor to name a few in a growing list. It allows her to sneak up on unsuspecting survivors without them hearing her terror radius, which I love for the horror aspect of this game. The Spirit, the new killer, is a high skill cap killer who I’ve been waiting for.

The killer’s perks are great and assist with the chase, but there are a couple of problems with her play style that I personally do not like.

This killer’s play style encourages leaving the obsession alone until the end of the trial. I don’t care to leave anyone alive for any perks. If I find someone, I will begin the chase and try to sacrifice them. I could see this perk pairing well with Play Your Food, a Michael Myers perk. It would also work with No One Escapes Death to apply the exposed effect on all survivors. But it is still an endgame build that I don’t personally play.

I’m still excited for the release of the new killer, just because of her ability to jump scare the survivors. So, on both sides, it will be fun. I absolutely love the new survivor perks. His perks encourage a safe altruistic play style. Because of problems with people farming points off of people who have been hooked, it kind of ensures the person wanting to Kobe off of the hook.

Since trying to Kobe off of the hook is extremely difficult, it encourages people to safely unhook other survivors, so they can get the bragging rights of the Kobe.

All in all, the new survivors perks alone all make a great build. Adding Self-Care or Urban Evasion would really make this a nice sneaky build. Plus, the animation is funny to watch. He throws a pebble for a distraction and I feel like any survivor with this perk, will look funny just throwing a rock as far as they can.

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