Transfer agreement is music to their ears


By JD TUCKER, Staff Reporter ¦

Recently Amarillo College signed a music transfer agreement with West Texas A&M that will strengthen the bond between the two schools’ music programs.

“The articulation we just completed with WT ensures that students feel very secure about where their credits go into their bachelor’s degree program,” Camille Nies, AC music dept. chair, said.

The articulation agreement gives AC students confidence that what they do at AC will transfer to WT.

“We just wanted to clean things up and make sure it was clear that these two programs really complement each other,” Nies said. “This helps music students who want to take additional ensemble credits compare those courses to what they will be needing at WT.”

This agreement could also encourage AC students to continue their music careers at West Texas A&M, Nies said.

“We want to place our students with whatever institution they feel will be best. But of course WT has such a strong department in so many ways that we love to encourage people to attend there.”

During the transfer process, the wording and numbering systems of different universities can make it difficult for a transferring student to figure out what classes to take. The music transfer agreement has better matched the systems of the AC and WT to make it easier for students to transfer school.

“We want to make sure we are providing our students with the tools they need to be successful,” Nies said

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