Visiting comedian gives students a break


By CARTER HALL, Ranger Reporter ¦

On Oct. 9, stand-up comedian, Nate Jackson, performed for students.

Jackson has found major success in the world of comedy. He has been on the highly popular show “Wild N Out” on MTV, which is hosted by Nick Cannon. “Wild N Out” is a show where two teams think of witty freestyles to make fun of the opposing team members.

The Student Government Association brought Jackson to AC. “Finals is a very stressful week, so letting off some steam and getting some laughs out will be amazing,” Abby Guerrero, a respiratory therapy major, said.

“We saw Nate at a showcase at one on our conferences and knew we had to have to have him on campus. Not only was he hilarious, but he was also very friendly with all the students,” Jenna Welch, student life specialist, said.

Not all of the students in the audience were familiar with Jackson. “I am looking forward to seeing Nate Jackson’s routine. I haven’t heard of him until recently, so I don’t know what to expect. The suspense makes comedy fun in my opinion,” Cara Curtis, a pre-physician assistant major, said.

The anxious students did not have to wait long for Jackson, and he when arrived, the laughter began. For Jackson, this is a typical workday. He has been working on his comedy skills since he was in college, which earned him his spot of season 8 of “Wild N Out.”

“It took me four years to get on ‘Wild N Out.’ Hard work, dedication, consistency and pursuing a comedy career like it was any other career,” Jackson said about his success.

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