Drake releases highly anticipated album

By CARTER HALL, Staff Reporter ¦

In the summer of 2018, Drake released a new album titled “Scorpion” that will not leave listeners “Emotionless.” The highly famed Canadian rapper gave us a solid album packed both with R&B and rap songs, which was a bit surprising. As a fan, I had been waiting eagerly for this album to come out for many months.

On Drake’s previous album, “More Life,” in one track titled “Do Not Disturb,” he mentioned that there will be a new album. He casually said, “Maybe gettin’ back to my regular life will humble me. I’ll be back 2018 to give you the summary.” When I heard this line, I fangirled a bit because I simply cannot get enough of Drake.

On Jan. 19, the first single off the new album was released, titled “God’s Plan.” Drake released it on all major music streaming outlets and you can believe I had that song on repeat for a few days. This single was one of my favorites to come off the album. I loved this song simply because of the upbeat tempo, the tone of the song and the message Drake is trying to get across to people.

“Nice for What” was another single off the album that would soon follow. The reason I love this song is because it embodies an R&B song from the 90s. When I had the chance, I would roll my windows down and blare this song … after studying for my final exams of course.

On April 16, Drake revealed the name of the album on Instagram, when he posted a picture of himself wearing a windbreaker with the word “Scorpion” embroidered on the back along with June 18 written beneath it. The picture caught fire, reaching 1,307,641 likes, with me being one of them. I finally got the name of the album, now I just wanted to listen to it … badly.

Finally, the release date arrived and, in its first week, the album made a huge sting in the world of music. Drake made history by having more than 1 billion streams in one week.

“Scorpion” is a journey from start to finish. I believe this album is another great installment for Drake.

From his days from making great hits such as “Sooner Than Later,” “Replacement Girl” and “Show Me a Good Time,” these songs and the mixtapes that they are on made Drake what he is — a legend in the world of both hip-hop and R&B.

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  1. I know nothing about Drake’s music, but the review is well-written and informed me. Maybe a little more about individual tracks on the new album would have been good. (I just can’t get into all the self-absorption that so many artists put directly into their music these days.) Good review.

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