Students share semester goals


What are your plans for this semester?

Gabi “I plan to pass every class with an A or B. I hope to transfer to WT after this semester. I fear that I won’t pass a class, will have to retake it, and won’t be able to go to WT on time. I expect to make time for classes, family, and friends.”–Gabi Barraza, business administration major


“I plan to complete the four classes I’m taking this semester. I hope that this semester I make good grades and stay on track with completing my work. I fear that I will slack off and not stay on track with completing my work. I expect to do great in school and maintain a good GPA.”–Giovanna Acosta, business administration major

Greyson “I plan on making an A in both of my classes and starting nursing school in the spring. I hope to make a good score on the HESI test to get into nursing school. I fear that I won’t pass the HESI test, but I expect to pass it with a good grade because I will study for it.”–Greyson Smith, nursing major


“I plan to graduate in December and transfer to WT. I hope to finish this semester with a 4.0. I fear that I may work too much and not achieve the grades I would like to.”–Elizabeth Burton, business administration major

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