Registration opens for summer and fall

Jordan Gipson gets a head start on choosing classes. Photo by Claire Ekas.

By Mackenzie Shirley:

The early bird catches the worm; therefore, the student who registers early gets the classes.

“Registering early means that students are more likely to find open classes that fit their schedules,” Dr. Eric Fauss, assistant professor of social sciences, explained.

Registration for summer and fall classes opened April 9 and some students said they were first in line to sign up for classes.

“I register typically as soon as possible,” Coltin Lynch, an education major, said. “Especially if I am needing a class that tends to fill up fast.”

Planning ahead helps many students prepare for registration. Ashley Denham, a general studies major, said, “Do early registration and plan out your classes before registration. Also, keep up with scholarships.”

Amarillo College provides a Student Planning Module through AC Connect to help sort out a student’s classes. “It helps students to see what courses they still need to fulfill their program requirements and see the courses that are available,” Fauss said.

Students who have failed to schedule an early meeting with their advisers may have difficulty getting a last minute appointment.

“If all of the adviser’s appointments are booked I would advise a student to email his or her adviser as soon as possible about the situation,” Fauss said.

Both students and faculty said in order to reduce the stress of registering it is best to register as early as possible.

“Enroll as fast as you can and get it out of the way. It is one thing to cross off your to-do list,” Lynch said.

If students need help registering they can contact their adviser by visiting or by visiting the  Advising Center in the Student Service Center on the Washington Street Campus.

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