Students beat the sheets out of each other:

Students gathered by the clocktower on April 16 for a pillow fight. Photo by Blass Guerrero.

By Blass Guerrero

National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day is set right after tax day, to give taxpayers a chance to relax at work. For college students, it’s the middle of the semester and many are stressed, tired and ready for a pillow fight.

On April 16, Amarillo College students held a campus pajama day and pillow fight by the clock tower, sponsored by intramural sports and the Student Government Association.

“We wanted to have a not-so-spontaneous event that would allow for some student engagement on campus in a fun out-of-the-ordinary way,” Trent Oneal, coordinator of intramural sports, said.

Students showed off their pajamas and brought many of their own pillows from home. “We didn’t just want to wear the pajamas to school but have a pillow fight and have some fun,” Payton Nelson, a general studies major, said.

Many sleepyheads took their end-of-the-semester frustrations out on each other. Jimmy Nye, a psychology major, said he enjoyed wearing his pajamas to school and beating up his friends, “This a great way to relieve stress and great way to have fun and just have a good time and I will definitely will be wearing my pajamas every year in my future career.”

Denise Ruiz, a nursing major, said she didn’t know she was supposed to wear her pajamas to school, but she was prepared by wearing her sweats. “I didn’t know it was National Pajama Day, but I wear them to school every day, so next year I will wear them with pride.”

Intramurals and Student Life offer many activities throughout the year. For more information, contact Trent Oneal at 806-371-5965 or by email at or Amber Brookshire, Director of Student Life, at 806-371-5303 or by email at

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