SGA prepares for Badgerama:

Students enjoy music at the 2017 Badgerama. Photo by Claire Ekas.

By Andrew Munoz:

Badgerama will take place from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., April 26 on Amarillo College’s Washington Street Campus. It will feature club events and games as well as live music and food. The Student Government Association (SGA) hosts Badgerama.

“It’s our spring campus wide fun event for the semester. We have a live band to entertain us as well as clubs to set up games for people to enjoy,” Calee Follins, the coordinator of new student programs, said.

The theme for this year’s Badgerama is caverns and cosmos. “We’re really playing on the idea of space and the mystery of deep caverns,” said Justin Johnson, SGA president and business major.

The clubs that participate in Badgerama will be part of the entertainment, setting up a variety of games and activities that align with the year’s theme.

Burnhouse is the band that will perform at Badgerama this year. The music is a combination of pop-rock, funk and dance with an original twist.

“Burnhouse is amazing. They do rock but it’s also a mix of different genres of music so they really can play anything,” Johnson said.

Burnhouse has been together just over five years, and has quickly become a familiar name in local music venues.

“With a full sound and awesome chemistry, this band is sure to please,” Johnson said. “Whenever we first saw them, they immediately grabbed our attention and they had a really high energy level that just brings people to their feet.”

SGA also held an event similar to Badgerama on April 17 on the West Campus.

“Spring Fling is what we do out on the West Campus because for the most part they are in their classes all day and we want to give them the same treatment we do here on the Washington Street Campus,” Johnson said.

“There are not as many clubs out there and there is not band, but we provide games, music and food for students to enjoy themselves,” Johnson said.

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