2018 Freelancer selections announced:


The following creative works have been published in this year’s Freelancer literary magazine, and thanks to the work of Professor Steven Cost and the AC art department, we will celebrate these poems, essays, short stories, and artworks on April 5 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the Amarillo College Common Lobby Art Gallery. All selected entrants and prize winners have been invited to share their work with the public.

You can pick up copies of the Freelancer in Ordway Hall.

Jack Walters, “Do Not Let Me Die”

Isaiah Fennell, “Natural High Coups”

Greg Rohloff, “Bunk Buddies”

Jim Taylor, “Memoir”

J.T. Yellowtail, “At the foot of a goddess”

Rachel Dixon, “Line Work”

Dean Hoang, “Phasing Out Private Prisons”

Hunter Lile, “West Texas Wind”

Lydia Maratta, “An American”

Francis Vidal, “The Continued Struggle”

Evan W. Wilcox, “Two Tales to Remember”

Tali Tyme, “A Changed Perception”

Justin Rogers, “Hell is Chrome”

Carly Elise Stewart, “Feet & Toes”

Jim Long, “Hench in the Works”

Carly Elise Stewart, “poems”

Sean McDonald, “Fire of the Mountain”

Amy Hyden, “Benediction”

Bryan Arvello, “Cola”

Autumn Smith, “The Property of Greed” 2nd Place

Dexter Cearley, “Drunk on Decadence”

Kameron Bingel, “The Joys of Christmas”

Brooklynn Willert, “When the Moon Falls in Love with the Sun”

Aaron Taylor, “Mona Lisa”

Lauren Bates, “Hued Escape”

Sage Johnson, “Me, Too” 3rd Place

Ryan James Maxwell, “Not a Girl” 1st Place

Whitney Nobel, “Bulimia Nervosa”

Bennett Stephens, “Racing Your Shadow”

Denyale Jalali, “I am Not Afraid”

Joab Cochran, “She Continued to Dance”

Aaron Taylor, “Friends”

Merci Ruremesha, “Power in Forgiveness and Gratefulness”

Robert McGown, “It Came at Night” Fall Winner

Alex Velasco, “As Long as I’m Here”

Kalya Jinkins, “The Heart around My Neck”

Paige Diaz, “She is the Light I Hold”

Ricky Storm, “My Plainview Angel” Spring Winner


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