Simple solutions for a safe spring break:

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By Juan Rodriguez:

Make this year’s spring break memorable by having fun and helping yourself, your friends and other classmates stay safe and healthy. There are many temptations a student feels on spring break that may involve alcohol, trips and several high-risk activities, but you should think twice before putting yourself at risk for injury.

“Less drinking and driving is the main key to a safe spring break,” Michael Sullen, a mass media student, said. “Relaxation in the sun is what I will be doing.”

You’ve probably been sitting most of the year in a classroom studying, so take the opportunity to start a fitness program or get involved in fun activities. Being active doesn’t have to be hard to be beneficial, but simply means dance or play a game of basketball. Always remember safe and fun activities can raise your breathing and strengthen your muscles.

Don Abel, a speech and mass media professor, said, “Watch out for scam artists. A lot of families go out of town and there are several people out there who will take advantage of that.” Make sure you plan your trip and know what is happening around you when driving on your route to a travel destination.

There are many ways to have fun this spring break. Just make sure your decisions are safe and healthy ones. Protect yourself and watch your step so you can return and finish your achievements as a college student.

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