Virtual assistant offers humor, not help:

virtual assistant
Photo by Salvador Gutierrez.

By Jaxton Oneal:

Ever since Siri came out on the iPhone, with many amazing features, other competitors have created similar other brands of virtual assistants. Google Home, Alexa and Echo have been some of the latest products released hits with some hopefully satisfied customers.

People all around the world are buying these assistants, but most of them are not too happy with them as they start to actually use them.

Most buyers today are more tune to using them for silly questions and not for any actual help. “Whenever I use Siri, I ask it sarcastic things and not really for serious notes,” Robin Hicks, a mass media major, said. Hicks goes on to explain that Siri is not all that amazing as she cannot perform certain tasks.

Siri is not the only one to not be able to perform certain tasks either.

Placing a Google Home or an Echo in the kitchen is probably the worst place to put because it is not always helpful when you are trying to find out some recipes for something new to cook.

Most of the virtual assistants when asked to read off a recipe for something as simple as how to make a chicken quesadilla will not actually read the recipe.

Instead, they will read off multiple websites to go to if you want a recipe. “I was going to follow along with a recipe about how to make vermicelli, but instead I just got websites to go to,” Lauryn Moreland, a nursing major, said. After a few minutes of searching for the websites, she finally got to one that she liked.

Even though the artificial intelligence may not seem like the exact product you see in commercials, other customers said they enjoy asking their virtual assistant devices silly questions.

While some questions are inappropriate, other questions can be hilarious since Alexa, Google Home and Siri respond to funny questions with funny answers. Remember when Siri first came out and people would ask where to hide a body? Siri would respond with. “I found multiple dumpsters in your area.”

“I only use Siri or Alexa for funny purposes. I don’t think I have ever asked it a real question before,” Abel Valenzuela, an engineering major, said.

While on television these virtual assistants may seem cool, they are not that useful to people in the community. Although some people like them.

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