Students prepare for second half of the semester:

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By Andrew Munoz:

As some students focus on getting ready for spring break, others are gearing up for the second eight weeks of the semester.

Some students said the new eight-week class format has increased their level of burnout. “It seems to me that eight-week classes have more homework and more memorizing in them. You definitely need spring break to clear your mind of everything,” Tim Dallas, a business major, said.

Students said they look forward to the rest and relaxation that the break brings. “Spring break gives us a week off and being able to refresh ourselves, refresh our memory, giving our bodies time to relax and be able to take on the next eight weeks,” Brandon Romero, a criminal justice major, said.

For others, the end of this eight weeks means it’s time to sign up for more classes.

“I’ve seen a pretty big influx of students in my area, thinking ‘Eight weeks is getting me done faster, so maybe I can find me something for the second eight weeks so I need one more class,’” said Ruth De Anda, an academic adviser for creative arts, English and social work.

De Anda said students can benefit from adding second eight weeks classes, provided they don’t overdo things. “As long as you’re not overloading. I think people will get to that point where it’s either desperate or loony from the first eight weeks and they’re thinking it’s going to work,” De Anda said. “I just don’t really let them go past usually adding one more class.”

De Anda said she doesn’t want students to fail, so she helps to see how much they can fit on their plates. “I don’t want them to be set up for failure. I try really hard to be realistic … let’s think about work, let’s think about life … can you actually add this and stay the course?”

De Anda added that returning from spring break can be difficult. Whether the break was used for fun or work, getting back on track and regaining momentum are key factors for successfully completing the semester.

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