Do-It-Yourself is the new gift trend:

By Jordan Gipson:

College is expensive and with all money going to tuition, gas and bills there is not much left over for presents. That’s why many students are turning to Do-It-Yourself gifts. DIY gifts can be tailored to the person receiving them and can give you the sense of satisfaction that you made a gift with your hard-working hands. Also, you can avoid those crazy soccer moms buying their daughter-in-law six Keurigs.

Some people prefer getting DIY gifts over store-bought ones. “My sister draws me a card every year. She gets a box and fills it with treats and her drawings it means a lot to me. I love my sister,” Valentine Chase, a nursing major, said.

A good DIY option is making a scrapbook. Choose photos that capture the good times you’ve gone through and add some stickers or concert tickets or other mementos. “I like DIY gifts because they come from the heart and mean more to you,” Chase said.   

Gabriel Garcia, a nursing major, receives a yearly gift from his aunt. “My aunt fills up a jar with candy and after I eat all the candy in the jar there is a $100 bill. I love DIYs because they save money for us struggling college students,” Garcia said. Filling a decorated box or container with the recipient’s favorite snacks or treats is a good way to guarantee that what they get will be used and appreciated.

Another gift for people who love to cook or bake are Mason jar recipes. These jars are an entire recipe measured and placed into an aesthetically pleasing Mason jar, minus the perishable items like eggs and milk. “The best DIY gift I have ever gotten could not be returned because it was some good old home cooked food,” Haley Harris, a nursing major, said. “Living off microwavable pizzas is fine, but nothing beats homemade food.”

Remember, DIY gifts may not be appropriate for everyone. “DIY gifts can be overrated at times and overdone,” Harris said. “There are gifts in the stores and ways to go about a gift that won’t break your bank account.”

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