No justice in this league:

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By Drake Hutton:

“Justice League” premiered Nov. 17 and since the film’s release it has done no justice whatsoever. Lacking a strong storyline, with terrible CGI, the film is another disappointment to the DC Fans.

The film starts out as Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) go out and seek to form a team of people with extraordinary capabilities. This group includes The Flash, Aquaman, Superman and Cyborg. They hope to be able to take on Steppenwolf and his henchmen.

Zack Snyder, the director of the film, created a weak storyline with an even worse villain. The plot lacks the character development that you’d want to see and it is predictable from the start.

The CGI is cheap and awful. I’m not sure, with a budget of just $250 million, what kind of CGI you can get, but apparently, it’s not good enough. Often in the film, there are frame lapses and it is noticeable.

Superman’s face appears really distorted and apparently it is because the actor wanted to sport a mustache, so they just used CGI over it.

Superman should have stayed deceased. One of great plot twists in the film is the reviving of Superman, as the league is incapable of taking on Steppenwolf without him.

It shows the league’s inferiority to Superman and that he will come to rescue them when times are tough. Overall, his character hurts the development of the others.    

In light of the success of “Wonder Women,” many fans had higher hopes that the new Justice League movie would prove that DC has finally turned their franchise around, especially since the failure of “Batman versus Superman.” However, even with all the hype, we are disappointed once again.

Will DC ever create a good movie? If they can’t, then it would at least be great if Christopher Nolan just did another Batman franchise.

Overall, this movie proves to be a disappointment. For now, there’s no justice in this league.

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