The importance of family:

TASHANA SMITH: Ranger Columnist.

By Tashana Hughes:

There are some out there who take family for granted. They think their family members will always be around–that they will always be there, but you never know, in the blink of an eye that one person, the relative you took for granted, could be gone.

You have families that refuse to spend time each other due to someone’s past mistake. You have children missing out on getting to know their relatives because someone is holding a grudge against the next person. Family is important. Yes, many of us have close relationships with people who are not relatives, but have been there for us– that doesn’t diminish the importance of our biological family. Family is family, and, regardless of whatever situation happened, you should forgive and move on. You never know if that person will wake up the next morning.

Yes, we have busy lives. Some of us have children, work full time and attend school, but we can still make time to spend with one another. Whether it be a five-minute phone call or a quick visit, we all should have a close family. Life is too short. Kiss your mom, tell your dad you love him and show them you care… while you still have time.

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