‘Tis the season:

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By Brandan Waldrop:

Holiday cheer and winter beer are starting to creep onto shelves and into our lives as Thanksgiving has kicked off the holiday season. With the holidays approaching, there are many expected joys, such as spreading cheer to those in need as well as spending time with the family.

Not everyone is full of jolly thoughts though, some even downright dread the cold days and crowded stores that lie ahead.

“I just hate the grocery stores, mainly Wal-Mart, and the cold weather,” Kiwi Duke, a psychology major, said.

Others have a love-hate relationship when it comes to the holiday season.

“I love it, man. The weather makes it nostalgic, but I don’t like buying gifts,” Blake Roberts, a mass media major, said. “I do like receiving them though.”

The holiday season also ushers in many frustrations.

“I absolutely hate the push for consumerism and how it’s disguised as generosity in commercials,” Tyler Ryder, mass media major, said. “Spend a bunch of money for holiday cheer, no thanks.”

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