Procrastination, a matter of priorities:

Keegan Brown procrastinates on the second floor of Parcells Hall. Photo by Sal Gutierrez.

By Brandan Waldrop:

College assignments and the art of procrastination seem to correlate well these days. Classic studies have shown that 95 percent of students procrastinate at least occasionally and a study conducted by the University of Vermont showed that close to 50 percent do so with some consistency.

“It’s human nature to procrastinate, I think it’s only a problem when it creates more stress,” said Jill Gibson, associate dean of Liberal Arts and Matney Mass Media program coordinator.  “Procrastination with mass media (students) seem to be more common,” Gibson added, referring to the constant deadlines that media students have.

Students do agree with the human nature aspect of procrastination. Some more than others, but is it necessarily procrastination if it becomes a weekly routine that is expected? “Every damn time,” said Chace Curry, a business major about his procrastination tendencies “Probably because I just don’t want to do it, plus I work better under pressure,” Curry added.

Some students choose which classes take precedence over others, using a procrastination scale, where they determine the importance of the assignments.

“It depends on if it’s something I’m confident on or not, or if I think I have more time than I (actually) do, plus that fall break definitely didn’t help my motivation,” said Shelby Thomas, an English major. Thomas agreed to working better under pressure like others.

Not all students drag their feet when it comes to this subject. Some prefer to stay ahead in general with their busy schedules. This is the case of Cassie Mason, a respiratory therapist major who does not think twice when it comes to being on top of things. “I always make a plan for my assignments,” Mason said. “I schedule them into my time accordingly.” Being halfway through the second eight-weeks of the fall semester, students still have a chance to focus on what really matters and improve their productivity and grades.

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