Students are now eligible to be nominated for NAEHS:

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By Carter Hall:

Amarillo College has established a chapter of the National Adult Education Honor Society to celebrate the hard work of the college’s adult education students. Students in English as a Second Language classes along with students in the High School Equivalency certification program now have the chance to be nominated to join this new honor society.

“Each semester, adult education and literacy instructors are encouraged to be on the lookout for deserving students in their classes and to nominate them for induction into the NAEHS,” Matthew Piech, ESL coordinator, said.

Students who receive this recognition will also get recommendation letters, certificates and a small pin. “The mission is to encourage students for a job well done. They work hard all the time and this is a way to recognize the students who have a good work ethic and want to do well in their classes,” Ronetta Urton, assistant ESL coordinator, said.

“Since July 1, 2017, 733 individuals have enrolled in Amarillo College’s ESL and HSE program,” Piech said. Students who show dependability, good attitudes and who work hard in their classes are most likely to be nominated for NAEHS.

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