Word for Word: Advice for nontraditional students:

Word for Word

By Stephanie Barclay:

Are you a student that did not start at Amarillo College directly after high school? Perhaps you took a couple of semesters off or like me, a fifteen year hiatus from school. Getting back into the swing of things may seem intimidating during your first semester back, but don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it. If there is any advice that I can offer as a “nontraditional student” it is to take advantage of the resources available to you. You will find that the professors have your best interest in mind and that there are tutoring centers available to you. Also, composition classes are extremely important. They will prepare you for the scholarly research, writing and communication skills required of you throughout your college career and beyond.

You may find yourself in your first comp class at AC panicking because you have blocked out how to brainstorm, comma placement gives you anxiety, MLA 8 is all new to you, and the words “works cited” make you cringe. Just remember that we have all been there. Ask your professors questions, give yourself plenty of time for each assignment, and go to Writers’ Corner in Ordway Hall. Writers’ Corner has a relaxing environment, tutors on hand, helpful take home materials, and coffee (all things that you will find very useful). Amarillo College’s Writers’ Corner is open Monday through Thursday from 8am to 8pm and Friday from 8am to 1pm. Though we highly recommend coming in to be tutored in person, if you are unable to come to the Washington Street Campus, you may email a copy of your assignment requirements and your assignment to writerscorner@actx.edu for an email tutoring session.

Remember that you have teachers, peers, tutors, and other support at Amarillo College that want you to succeed. Utilize your resources and be confident, fellow nontraditional students. We’ve got this.

This column about writing and the writing process is created by the Amarillo College Writers’ Corner tutors. The name “Word for Word” pays tribute to Robert W. Wylie (1923-2011), who worked at Amarillo College from 1963 until 1992.  He was chairman of the English Department from 1984 to 1992, served as Writer-in-Residence at AC for several years after his retirement and wrote a weekly column for the Amarillo Globe-News called “Word for Wordfrom 1992 through 2003.

The Writers’ Corner provides free tutors who review assignment requirements, provide constructive feedback, and guide students through all phases of the writing process.

The Writer’s Corner also offers

  • One-on-one tutoring sessions with trained tutors
  • Small workshops throughout the semester covering various aspects of academic writing
  • In-class presentations on the role of the Writers’ Corner
  • A waiting area for walk-ins and early arrivals
  • Coffee for students with appointments

The Writers’ Corner is located in Ordway Hall, Room 102 and can be reached at writerscorner@actx.edu or (806) 345-5580. Learn more at https://www.actx.edu/english/writerscorner.

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