Generation X:

Ramona Salgado

By Stevi Breshears:

Amarillo College has an incredibly diverse student body that includes people from many different backgrounds and generations. Though the majority of AC students are millennials or members of Generation Z, there are many students from older generations seeking an education alongside them.

“Generation X” refers to people born between 1965 and 1980. Ramona Salgado, a mass media major, is a Generation X student attending AC at the same time as her daughter.

“I have always been around or worked with people younger than me so it’s been easy for me to adapt,” Salgado said. “It helps having my daughter in that age group. She keeps me up to date with new things and changes.”

According to Salgado, the job market for graduates today is much more competitive than it used to be.

“The college-aged student now faces more challenges in the job market than my generation. They must take more steps to get ahead of their peers. Education is more demanding,” Salgado said.

For Salgado raising a college student, and being a college student allows her to compare her childhood to that of her daughter.

“We had no social media, so we socialized with people. We learned from our mistakes and fixed them,” Salgado said. “We respected our parents, we tried new things, and we learned to adapt to changes.”

These very same adaptive characteristics have allowed Salgado to blend in among her peers while continuing her education. For Salgado, the secret to success is having the right attitude.

“I think, along with others in my generation, we see ourselves as independent individuals and thinkers,” she said. “I think it’s up to the individual and the lifestyle you choose to take.”

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