Germs run rampant, get them before they get you:

TASHANA SMITH: Ranger Columnist.

By Tashana Smith:

Germs can be a tricky thing to fight, especially with everyone getting sick and passing around illness after illness. When you touch doors, you are passing germs. When you shake someone’s hand, you are passing germs. Germs can be passed by people coughing over you and not covering their mouths, or sneezing without covering their noses.  When you don’t wash your hands before you prepare food of any kind, you are passing germs.

At times, people fail to realize that passing germs can cause sickness and depending on the next person’s immune system, it could lead to a serious illness that may result in hospitalizations.  That is one of the reasons why children get sick so much when they go to day care or school–their classmates are coughing or sneezing and that gets passed around. The same thing happens in college-people go to the restroom and come out without even washing their hands. They wipe their noses with their hand, not realizing that as they go into a room and have to touch a doorknob to open the door they are passing along those germs that can make others sick.

According to, to avoid passing along germs and getting sick, avoid close contact with those who are sick. If at all possible, stay at home if you are sick. Keep your hands clean. Wash them after touching your nose, before you cook and after you come out of the restroom. Keep surfaces clean and disinfected. Carry hand sanitizer with you and use it frequently.Together, we can keep each other healthy.

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