Tutoring program builds foundational skills for life:

Students who need help with math can see a tutor at the Math Outreach Center.

By Josh Ballard:

Amarillo College has a tutoring program that seeks to improve students’ understanding of basic courses including math, reading, and English.

Edie Carter, the dean of academic success, said AC uses engagement methods to help meet students’ academic needs.

Depending on the demand for tutoring, there are eight hour workshops and other quick review methods offered to improve students academic knowledge. “We build foundational skills students need for the next level.” Carter said.

Students who need assistance can get help at the Math Outreach Center or Reading Outreach Center every day of the week. “We have about 25-35 tutors depending on the semester,” said Reem Witherspoon, Math Testing and Reading Center supervisor. “I schedule seven to nine tutors each hour and we are open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. throughout the week.”

On average, the Math Outreach Center sees 15,000-17,000 visits per semester. Tutors spend on average per semester about 20,000 hours tutoring students, which comes out to 2.28 years of time spent tutoring per semester.

Tutoring isn’t just offered for those in remedial classes such as math, reading and writing. Campus tutors offers assistance with all engineering and physics classes as well.

“At Amarillo College, we are committed to the needs of the students enrolled in our programs,” Carter said, noting she wants students to take advantage of these resources.

Philip Fowler, a mathematics major, who tutors throughout the week at the Math Outreach Center said that tutors are there to build confidence in students.

“I can literally see the lightbulb turn on in their eyes. Those are the moments that we live for,” Fowler said.

Fowler said the Math Outreach Center usually sees heavy traffic around the second week of school, but this year, it started at day one.

Witherspoon said the goal for the tutoring program was to see an increase of students that come in for their services. “We believe AC is a place where all students can find success,” Carter said.

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