The SGA wants you and your vote:

By Lily Gamble:

The Student Government Association is an on-campus organization that represents Amarillo College’s student body to the administration, faculty and Board of Regents.

The SGA is also a way for students to become connected to others on campus.

Justin Johnson, a business administration major and current president of SGA, said, “We’re doing some revamping to the organization, making it truly about student involvement. We want to reach out to more students to see what they want.” Johnson emphasized that SGA is “all about the students,” and encouraged students to vote in the SGA elections. By voting students can choose who represents them and be involved with what goes on at Amarillo College.

“We elect 30 new members each year. A dedicated group of students that help out and are the face of SGA,” said Johnson.

The SGA will provide voters with a binder of information about all students in the running. This information will help students learn about their prospective representatives.

Whether a student becomes involved in the organization or not Johnson says, “If students want a change to happen on campus, they can come to someone in SGA or in the Burrow to see if there’s something we can do to help.”

You can find out more information on the Student Government Association or their upcoming events in the College Union Basement.

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