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By Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart

At Amarillo College, we all want you to be successful! Every year, students converge on our AC campuses excited and hopeful, but also worried and fearful. Because you’ve chosen AC, you can let go of your fears and embrace this opportunity – every AC employee is here to help you make the transition from high school to college, from student to adult, or from employee to student. Some recent AC graduates shared these five choices that helped them find success:

Reading the syllabus and calendaring your assignments. Read the syllabus – every word. Know when stuff is due. Put it on your calendar. Set a reminder a few days before the due date. Make sure you do not miss a deadline. Your schedule is different than high school. You may have days in between classes, and must calendar your work.

Logging into or going to class. It will be easy to miss class, or simply forget to log on. Participate. Ask questions. Meet your fellow students. Be active. National data says if you want to be a successful college student, going to class is the most important decision you can make. If something comes up (car trouble or work schedule conflicts), talk with your professors BEFORE you miss the class. They will usually understand.

Talking with your professors and advisers. Everyone here at Amarillo College wants you to be successful. Our faculty and advisers want to get to know you and help you. If you have questions about an assignment or course concept, go talk with your instructor. They will be thrilled you are interested enough to approach them. Faculty and advisers are also a great resource for career advice. Reach out. They will love you for it.

Getting involved. No matter what you do in the classroom, make sure you get involved with student organizations outside the classroom. A student organization is how you make friends, learn the ropes and get connected. The friends you make in college, will be your friends for life – go make it happen.

Using all the free tutoring and support services. Many classes will require far more than memorizing information and taking a test. Our classes will stretch your abilities. When a course gets overwhelming, confusing or you just want to prepare for the next test, use the free resources here – the Writer’s Corner, Math Outreach Center, Science Enrichment Center and Peer Tutoring services. If “life issues” are creating barriers, use the Advocacy and Resource Center and Counseling Center. Both are here to help you find the resources and support you need to stay in school and complete your degree.

When you step away from your fear and into your future, a great life awaits. You deserve great opportunities. You can do it. Amarillo College is here to help.

Success is making five good choices.

Success is … YOU!

Go Badgers!


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