Five questions with Trent Oneal, intramural director

By GENE SOCKWELL, Ranger Reporter:

What activities are coming up for AC Intramurals?

The activities that I’d like students to know about are the current softball season and there will also be a one day soccer tournament on April 20 and a one day sand volleyball tournament on May 4. I also have plans for a night of paintball [but] no date has been set.

What sport are you most excited about?

As far as excitement I’m really enjoying softball right now because it’s so relaxed and there is so much camaraderie amongst all of the players – even players from different teams. My favorite, though, is sand volleyball. I’m a sanctioned referee for volleyball and I’m actually a pretty good volleyball player, or a least I used to be when I was younger. When you have two teams playing against each other that are full of good players, it can seem almost like a dance out on the court.

What goals do you have for AC Intramurals?

My goal for the intramural program is to grow the number of participants and the number of opportunities for students to participate in. I would also love to increase the funding for the program so that extra initiatives could be considered as prizes and help increase participation and opportunities. What I would [love] to do even more, though, is to really get to know the students of AC and let them know that opportunities do exist for each and every one of them, and I hope that they might get out of their comfort zone and become engaged.

What is your greatest accomplishment with the Intramural program so far?

My greatest accomplishment so far has to be the implementation of the daily activities that take place at the Carter Fitness Center. There are games and sports offered every Monday through Thursday around the noon hour. We have had days with as many as 47 people participate, and we play everything from dodgeball to capture the flag on Mondays, as every Monday is a different game. Every Tuesday is volleyball, Wednesday is ultimate handball, and every Thursday is basketball.

What’s one thing that you would like every AC student to know about Intramurals?

I hope that every student would realize that the opportunity exists to come participate, and experience level or fitness level shouldn’t hinder them from participation. Daily activities do not have to be signed up for, just come and play.

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