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REVIEW: As a Hereford resident who takes classes at Amarillo College’s Washington Street campus, I am always looking for somewhere nearby to study and relax. Recently, I discovered a great option located at 2812 SW Sixth St. in downtown Amarillo. It’s the 806 Coffee Shop.

When I heard about the 806, the first thing I did was make sure it was a safe place. I also checked out the reviews and then I decided to find out for myself.

As I walked in, I fell in love with the place. The people looked weird, but it was my kind of weirdness, and the music that was playing was new to me, but it was amazing. Since it is a small place, most customers know each other so I guess they can tell who is new. Not too long after I arrived, a couple of guys sat next to me and introduced themselves. Everybody there is friendly, and they don’t judge anyone. If you like the place, they like you.

Along with great music, drinks and food that distinguish the 806, the owner is a great guy who makes you feel welcome.

The 806 offers a variety of drinks including wine, beer, tea or coffee. The 806 is not as expensive as other places in town, and they have happy hour lattes where you get a double for the price of a single or a triple for the price of a double.

The food is great. They have amazing breakfast and open at 7:15 a.m. Breakfast choices include the migas breakfast tacos with roasted onions, peppers, blue corn chip, crumblies and potato; and the Eggie de Bennie, which is a poached egg on a toasted croissant with kale, tomatoes and smoked Gouda with hollandaise sauce.

The 806 seems to really care about its customers, and the layout of the shop accommodates just about anyone. It is divided into three areas, for the quiet people, the loud people and an area for smokers. The quiet area is for people doing homework or who simply want to relax.The loud area, which is the main room, is where most people sit and enjoy the music or the company of others. It also has a stage for different events.

The 806 almost always has a band or performance. Every first and third Wednesday of each month they have Open Mic starting at 8:30 p.m. Everyone is welcome to register to perform. The 806 also offers live music during different days of the week, but mostly on the weekends. These events are free, but tipping the band or artist is encouraged.

You can get information about the events happening at the 806 on Facebook @ the 806 coffee + lounge or call them at (806) 322-1806.

Next time you are looking to get out of the house and find a nice place to do homework or meet new people, consider the 806. I’m sure you will love it as much as I do.

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  1. Hi Enrique. I thoroughly enjoyed your review. It was well-written and made me want to find out more about 806 Coffee Shop! I’m a long-time resident of Amarillo and I have never been to 806. However, I am now planning to check it out sometime. The only thing that would have made it better for me would have been the ability to find out more from links within the article. For example, direct links to the Facebook page and to their website ( Keep up the good work!

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