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By JALYNN VINSON, Ranger Reporter:

Learning how to manage a successful semester can be difficult, but with the right resources, students will feel as if they can conquer the world.

“For every three-hour class a student registers for, plan for three hours each week of work outside of the classroom,” Success Center Director Melissa Hightower said. “One class would then consume a minimum of six hours of their time each week.”

Setting aside time to study or complete homework is a huge first step in making sure that the rest of the semester runs as smoothly as possible.

“A student should never think they are alone in their efforts to reach their goals.  AC staff and faculty all hope that students will take advantage of the many resources Amarillo College has to offer, from free tutoring to finding out what jobs are related to the field of study the student is interested in,” Hightower said.

Help is always around the corner at AC campuses, said Hightower, noting that once students realize the resources available, a weight may be lifted off their shoulders.

“Make attendance every day a priority,” said Edythe Carter, interim dean of academic success. “Also, actively participate in each of your classes, and get involved in a club or organization on campus.”

According to recent studies around college campuses, experts have concluded that students have a better understanding of the material given to them if they are participating in class and are engaged rather than just going with the flow, Carter said.

“Don’t go in with the mindset that your college courses are going to be just as easy as your high school classes were,” Tatiana Mamriquez, a nursing major, said. “Don’t slack off either. It can put you behind quicker than you think. Always do your assignments on time.”

Often, students come to AC thinking their courses will be similar to the ones they have already taken in high school; however, that is not the case, according to Mamriquez.

“If students stay focused and understand that they may have to work harder… college should be successful for those students in the end.”

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