Staff shows support for new leader

By GARRETT FRIEMEL, Ranger Reporter:

Amarillo College’s new interim vice president of academic affairs is working hard to help more students complete degrees or certificates. After the resignation of former vice president of academic affairs Deborah Vess in December, Dr. Tamara Clunis filled the position of interim VPAA.

Clunis is administering the No Excuses 2020 Strategic Plan. This plan involves working at aligning the curriculum as well as redesigning courses and other programs. The plan is built on the foundation of teamwork between Clunis and other faculty members.

Frank Sobey, the dean of arts and sciences who has also taken the position of associate vice president, has worked with Clunis on a number of successful projects and has enjoyed the strong, collaborative relationship.

“I am extremely confident in her ability to lead academic affairs and do her part to help the college attain its vision of 70 percent completion by 2020,” Sobey said.

Under Clunis’ guidance, Sobey said he thinks that the goal of a 70 percent completion of the plan can be easily met.

“I like our chances of attaining our vision and building a more effective organization with academic affairs because of Dr. Clunis’ leadership,” Sobey said.

Interim Dean of Academic Success Edythe Carter agrees with Sobey that Clunis will make a great vice president.

“Dr. Clunis is an exceptional leader,” Carter said. “She is highly respected, knowledgeable and forward-thinking.”

Carter said she has enjoyed working with Clunis in many different capacities. She has spent the last year and a half in the academic success division.

“She has been an outstanding dean to work for because she challenges each of us to be our very best,” Carter said.

Carter said that Clunis’ passion for students and her commitment to the college’s No Excuses 2020 plan is evident.

Carter said, as a leader, Clunis encourages teamwork, innovation, and collaboration. “Together we are building a better tomorrow for the students we serve,” Carter said.

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