Winter break arrives


As the fall semester comes to an end, students across campus are planning to binge watch their favorite Netflix series and catch up on sleep throughout winter break.

During the semester, students find themselves being consumed by essays, projects and exams. The moment we have been waiting for is finally here, Winter break! It’s a month of glory, where students will ditch coffee for sleep, and late night study sessions turn into late night gaming sessions. After a hard fought sixteen-week semester, a little break from homework and exams is much needed.“I’ve been looking forward to winter break since fall break. The one thing I’m excited about is home cooked meals,” said Kevin Herrera, a business major, adding that his eating habits are out of control during the semester. However, Herrera will not make any improvements on his sleep schedule; instead he will improve his gaming skills. “Sleep is for the weak! I’m all for staying up all night to play video games.”

Steven Samaniego, a nursing major, will use this time off to catch up with friends he has neglected during the semester. “The amount of work assigned to nursing students is never ending, which makes it impossible for me to have a social life during the semester,” Samaniego said. Though Samaniego’s priority is to regain his social life, catching up on sleep will be the first thing he does after completing his last final.

Binge watching shows on Netflix is another common pastime during the break. “This break, my goal is to complete all seasons of ‘Shameless,’” said Camille Livingston, a biology major. “I’m very excited about sleeping in, my eight o’clock was killing me!”

As you stock up on sleep, catch up with friends and finish the latest episode of your favorite show, remember it is important to get it out of your system before the Spring semester, which begins January 17, 2017.

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